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A cooking competition card game! – Imagine playing “Chopped” or “Iron Chef” – with no clean up afterward!

Featuring Secret Ingredients from: Ina Garten, Graham Elliot, J. Kenji López-Alt, Richard Blais, Marc Summers and more!

You play as a chef who gathers ingredients from different decks, chooses which ones to keep, and describes how you prepare, cook, and plate your dish. Every round there’s a new judge that issues the challenge, unveils a secret ingredient, and chooses the winner. Whoever wins the most challenges is the champion of Competition Kitchen!
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How To Play
The Judge draws two challenge cards and two Secret Ingredients, choosing, in secret, which ones the chefs will use for inspiration this round.
Every Chef draws two cards from each basic ingredient deck — Flavors, Proteins, and Vegetables — creating a hand of six total cards.
The Judge reveals the challenge card, reading it aloud. Judges are encouraged to provide more details about what they’re looking for in the chefs’ dishes.
Chefs now have an important decision to make: they can only keep one of each kind of ingredient. Chefs choose one Protein, one Vegetable, and one Flavor to keep, and discard the rest.
The Judge now unveils the Secret Ingredient, reading it aloud. Every Chef must incorporate this ingredient into their dish in some way. How they use it is totally up to them…
Now We’re Cookin’!

Once the chefs have their challenge and ingredients, the real fun begins! Each chef describes to the Judge how they choose to use their ingredients, what techniques and equipment they use, how the dish is plated, and just what it will taste like. Once the Judge has listened to every chef, they will make the ultimate decision: which dish wins? Only one chef can win the challenge, and the runner-up will be awarded the Secret Ingredient for use in a later dish.

And this is just the beginning. With over 5000 different ingredient combinations and special variations like Sabotage, Scorekeeper, Stacked, Scraps, Expert, No Leftovers, and Sliced, you’ll never play the same game twice!

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